ARoS exhibition programme – spring 2022

ARoS exhibition programme – spring 2022

Jakob Kudsk Steensen, 'Berl-Berl', Halle am Berghain, 2021. © Timo Ohler

During the first six months of 2022, ARoS will be opening three new exhibitions, featuring artists from both Denmark and abroad, each providing a perspective on contemporary art. The audience will experience various artistic expressions, including video works, sound, light, and immersive installation art appealing to all faculties.

Viera Collaro – Levitation. Compassion. Transcendence.

12 February until 6 June 2022, Focus Gallery, level 5

The exhibition Levitation. Compassion. Transcendence. by the Danish-American light artist Viera Collaro (b.1946) presents three installations in three gallery spaces about three spiritual phases. Collectively, the exhibition illustrates how light, the surrounding environment, colours, and words recalling empathic inner processes are central and closely interwoven components in Collaro’s art.

Levitation. Compassion. Transcendence. is arranged as a process starting with the work Levitation (2003), a sculptural and spatial light installation that shows Collaro’s interest in meditative practice and in the energy which, according to several yogis, can make a meditating human being levitate. Next, the work Compassion (2006), a light- and text-based work emphasising the importance of compassion and empathy which, also in Collaro’s understanding, implies a universal spiritual interconnectedness. The process culminates in the last gallery space with a brand-new installation, Transcendence (2022), consisting of light in different shades of colour based on the RGB system and several lengths of white fabric, together forming an illuminated and colourful labyrinth. Transcendence (2022) addresses the moment when we, in an existential sense, transgress ourselves and new and deeper levels of awareness occur.


9 April until 11 September 2022, level 1

The exhibition Vertigo unites a group of artists who do not belong in any one category, but who are juxtaposed because their individual artistic practices are engaged in creating fluid spaces, evoking a sense of vertigo.

Vertigo is a term frequently used to describe the experience of the powerful changes that provide a backdrop to the existence of modern man. Our times are characterised by an unstable world order where erosion, displacement, and change have become part and parcel of normal existence. Each day appears to bring new crises, adding to our sense of disquiet or fear. Classic identities and awareness patterns are being dismantled and new ones appear at an alarming rate. The growing sense of unpredictability presents a fluid world where it becomes harder to tell reality from fiction and the sense of vertigo can thus be said to define the zeitgeist of our times.

The artists taking part include Cao Fei, China, (b.1978), Trisha Baga, USA, (b.1985), and Ann Lislegaard, Denmark, (b.1962).

Jakob Kudsk Steensen – Berl Berl

4 June until 23 october 2022, level 1

In the summer of 2022, ARoS will be presenting the exhibition Berl-Berl featuring the young Danish visual artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen (b.1987). Over the course of a year, Kudsk Steensen has photographed a wetland area near Berlin in minute detail. Animals, plants, and insects were captured by his photographic lens with hyperrealistic detail and afterwards they were incorporated into a gigantic video and sound installation where a 3D virtual world opens up on large-scale LED projection screens.

With this exhibition, ARoS hopes to provide a unique possibility to see Kudsk Steensen’s ambitious artwork Berl-Berl, forging a scientific, hypnotic, and meditative link between in-depth knowledge about the prehistoric landscape, a climate-conscious present time, and a potential future. All of it accompanied by nature’s own seductive sounds and images.

 The four exhibitions Sif Itona Westerberg – Immemorial, J.M.W. Turner – Sun is God, Shoplifter – Hypernature, and Lu Yang – Digital Descending continue into the spring of 2022.

Sif Itona Westerberg – Immemorial

Continues until 23 January 2022, Focus Gallery, level 5

J.M.W. Turner – Sun is God

Continues until 6 March 2022, level 5

Shoplifter – Hypernature

Continues until 24 April, level 1

Lu Yang – Digital Descending

Continues until 6 March 2022, level 5

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