Exhibitions programme – Autumn 2022

Exhibitions programme – Autumn 2022

In the second half of 2022, ARoS will be opening two solo shows in the temporary exhibition gallery spaces on levels 1 and 5.

Franciska Clausen – Hele billedet (Every facet)

8 Oct 2022 until 26 Feb 2023, level 5

Franciska Clausen – Hele Billedet (Every facet) is the most extensive presentation of the artist Franciska Clausen (1899–1986) to date. The exhibition focuses on the lesser-known aspects of this unique Danish artist, who continues to inspire many with her uncompromising and sharp aesthetic gaze and experimental approach to art.

Clausen is widely acclaimed as a Danish artist of international standing. Her education and stays in Weimar, Munich, Berlin, and Paris secure her a central position among the influential avant-garde artists of the 1920s and 1930s. Her artistic network and uncompromising exploration of the abstract mode of expression is unique in a Danish context, however, in contemporary Denmark, her abstract painting style was viewed as radically new.

Through more than two hundred works, sketches, photos, and archive material presented from a new research-based perspective, the exhibition sheds light on Clausen’s artistic processes and experiments with various expressional styles. With divergent stylistic themes unfurling like a fan, the emphasis is on Clausen’s manifestation of several artistic identities, which she expressed simultaneously. Clausen’s works are relevant to a present-day art audience, since she shows us how a determined young woman managed to gain a position among those spearheading the avant-garde.

Franciska Clausen – Hele Billedet (Every facet) is one of a series of classic exhibitions featuring Danish artists from the early part of the twentieth century whom ARoS plans to show in a present-day perspective. The exhibition shows Clausen as a ’diverse painter’ who possessed the courage to find her own path despite a male-dominated art world, nowhere more so than in Denmark. Clausen is presently achieving the acclaim which she deserves, especially as an abstract avant-garde artist, but equally as a portrait painter, designer, and surrealist. The exhibition at ARoS is therefore a true milestone in this context.

Chiharu Shiota – Invisible Line

3 Dec 2022 until 16 Apr 2023, level 1

In December, ARoS will be opening the doors to the exhibition Invisible Line – a solo show of works by the world-famous Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota (b.1972, Osaka), who now lives and works in Berlin.

Chiharu Shiota is best known for her large-scale ingeniously woven thread installations of red, white, or black string, encapsulating a variety of objects. The objects enveloped by the threads often embody a narrative or a significant symbolic value, referencing specific experiences from the artist’s own life or a specific world view expressing universal human unity.

The works in the exhibition Invisible Line span major immersive thread installations and intimate work series on paper, which, in Shiota’s unique visual language, thematise reminiscence, the pain of living, and human existence.

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