Tate and ARoS team up again

Tate and ARoS team up again

The critically acclaimed exhibition Bacon, Freud and the London Painters in 2017 was the first expression of a six year partnership between ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and Tate Gallery which will result in a total of three exhibitions in Denmark. More

The critically acclaimed exhibition Bacon, Freud and the London Painters in 2017 was the first expression of a six year partnership between ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and Tate Gallery which will result in a total of three exhibitions in Denmark. 

- Tate and ARoS share an ethos of expanding public access to great art – and each institution brings its distinct perspective and expertise to the collaboration. In developing these exhibitions, ARoS has been able to select works from Tate’s rich and exceptional collection – ensuring that we can present the highest quality of British and international art to our audiences. Seeing things in new perspectives is entirely in keeping with the spirit of ARoS and Tate and we look forward, through this collaboration, to organising and presenting ambitious exhibitions, says Erlend G. Høyersten, Director, ARoS.

 - We’re thrilled to have these further opportunities to work with ARoS – to see Tate’s collection presented to audiences in Denmark and to benefit from the exchange of insights and expertise through working in partnership. ARoS’ strategic approach has resulted in impressive numbers of visitors; we’re pleased to be able to develop our cooperation as they continue to grow and diversify their audiences, says Judith Nesbitt, Director of National & International Partnerships, Tate Gallery

New exhibition in 2019 and in 2021

In October 2019, ARoS presents the next exhibition to emerge from the collaboration with Tate: the sculpture exhibition Objects of Wonder - From Pedestal to Interaction. The exhibition will showcase the broad spectrum of sculptural practice since the 1960s, tracing the reinvention of sculpture through the use of new materials, the embrace of conceptual strategies, and the changing role of the viewer. Including site-specific works, experiments with light, domestic and bodily objects, and sensory works, the exhibition will draw on the richness of practice of British and international artists through the second half of the twentieth century. In Denmark it will be curated by Lise Pennington, chief curator, ARoS. 

In 2021, the collaboration culminates with an exhibition of J.M.W. Turner, one of the foremost landscape artists of his time and an innovator whose experimental approach to painting continues to enthral audiences today. Visitors to ARoS will be treated to an extensive presentation including many of his most celebrated paintings, watercolours, sketches, and archival material.

Tate Gallery in brief

Tate’s mission is to increase the public understanding and enjoyment of British art and international modern and contemporary art. Founded by Sir Henry Tate in 1897, it is now a family of four galleries with over 7 million visitors a year: Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London, Tate Liverpool in Merseyside and Tate St Ives in Cornwall. These are part of a wider network of partner institutions – the Plus Tate network – which champion the visual arts in the UK. Tate also manages a growing national collection of over 70,000 works of art, from paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints to photographs, films, installations and performances. These are acquired and cared for on behalf of the public and shown in venues throughout the UK and across the world.

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