Rules for photography

Rules for photography and filming in Your Rainbow Panorama

Your Rainbow Panorama is a work of art and hence subjected to the legislation governing intellectual property rights. The following rules apply to photography and filming inside the artwork or using the artwork as a background:

  • Photos taken in Your Rainbow Panorama may be used for private purposes. Sharing via personal profiles on the social media is permitted.
  • It is not permitted to use photos of Your Rainbow Panorama as stock photos.
  • Photos/film footage for commercial use or for personal marketing purposes in political or professional contexts is not permitted. This includes pictures featuring Your Rainbow Panorama as a background.
  • It is not permitted to take wedding, modelling, or fashion photos in Your Rainbow Panorama. Fashion and modelling photos are permitted in the museum’s open galleries subject to prior permission from the events group at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.
  • Tourist organisations may, in exceptional cases, be granted permission to use pictures (incl. film footage) of Your Rainbow Panorama for purposes of marketing Aarhus as a tourist destination and ARoS specifically as a tourist attraction. Prior permission must be obtained from Bettina Bach Nielsen, head of marketing, at
  • News and cultural media may, in exceptional cases, be granted permission to photograph/film in Your Rainbow Panorama on the condition that the work forms an essential part of the subject being presented. Prior permission must be obtained from Anne Riis, press officer, at
  • It is permitted to use full photos of the ARoS building in connection with media coverage of ARoS and Aarhus.


Anne Riis

Communications Officer

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Jens Henrik Daugaard

Communications Officer

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