Valkyrie Rán

Valkyrie Ran is a 50 meter long textile installation created by the textile artist Joana The installation, made of textiles from Kvadrat, meanders from the northern to the southern point of the museum, crossing the different levels in the building on its way. Vasconcelos attaches great importance to handicrafts and the creative process, and her Lisbon-based studio is staffed by 50 full-time specialists collaborating closely, each adding their specific field of expertise, on creating the monumental art installations. Old handicraft traditions, including crocheting, embroidery, and pearl decoration, form the pivotal point in a huge project where the collective expertise of the individual specialists produces a synergetic effect.

Valkyrie Ran created to ARoS with textiles from Kvadrat and acquired thanks to donations from the Augustinus Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation.