Dicte Bundgaard Kaaris

Dicte Bundgaard Kaaris, age 12

And I also like art you can step inside.

Janet Cardiff og George Bures Miller: Storm Room, 2000

"Art makes me think of a lot of things I haven’t thought about in a long time. This room reminds me of a place at school where we always went for shelter when it was raining during recess. It also makes me think of back when my bed was under the window and I could hear the rain drumming against the glass when it was time to go to sleep. I like driving in the rain, too. I associate rain with comfort, cosiness, safety and warmth. And I also like art you can step inside.

I think it’s strange that one of the artists behind this work does not like storms herself, but still made this work -– and that she still gets uneasy when she’s in here even though she knows exactly how it was all made. I don’t get that."

The work is on display at level 0.

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