Søren Brostrøm

Søren Brostrøm, director of the Danish Health Authority

I sense some traumatic story of which I am not a part.

Elmgreen & Dragset: Welcome, 2014

"This artwork is appealing and alienating all at once. I am almost magnetically drawn to the beautiful, polished AirStream caravan and look through its windows with avid curiosity. I notice how little damage the car has suffered in its encounter with the huge, overturned neon sign. I think wistfully of the possibility of camping holidays and of visiting Las Vegas. Freedom! But at the same time, the artwork gnaws at my soul in unsettling ways. The windows are tinted so I cannot look inside. The steel-free caravan is highly polished and impenetrable. The neon sign is too neat, devoid of life. I sense some traumatic story of which I am not a part.

In the basement under AROS (level 0), I experience something similar when taking in Elmgreen & Dragset’s installation Too Late (2008/2014/2015): I’ve arrived late for the party, or was not invited at all. However, I am allowed to take a look around, seeing myself reflected in a scene where the party is long since over."

The work is on display at level 6.

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